“Aaron helped save my life from a crippling opiate addiction. I was very scared of going through the withdrawals after suffering them in the past with no success of kicking the dependency. After my first consult I felt confident that this naturopath route may get me through it. He suggested IV therapy which helped expedite my physical withdrawals to get back walking and doing everyday tasks. It’s not an easy fix, you have to mentally want this! I am now on day 9 opiate free and feeling mentally clear and so excited to get my life back! If you or any loved ones are suffering from this addiction, give Aaron a chance to help. It worked for me!”


Dr Van Gaver is not only tireless in finding innovative ways to improve your health but he cares a lot about his patients and this is clearly expressed in his practice. He has great energy and is willing to go the extra mile for you. I am a patient from England, and found that Dr Van Gaver always made himself available, for any of my concerns, during my extended stay to receive treatment at his practice. This truly outstanding level of care provided me with the upmost confidence. His vast experience, knowledge, network and patient centred approach make him an exceptional physician; one that I will recommend to all my friends and family back home.


There really aren’t words to adequately convey my gratitude for all that Dr. van Gaver has done to help me overcome the major health obstacles that were preventing me from living my life to the fullest.  After years of suffering from the residual effects of an untreated eating disorder and a sense of abandonment by a health care system that seemed unable (or unwilling) to help, I ultimately resorted to trying to compensate for my debilitating health problems by spending more than ten years of my young life physically dependent on the daily use of illicit drugs.

After doing my own research into the potential use of intravenous amino acids for the treatment of addiction, I was convinced that it was the key to my recovery. Nonetheless, I was eager to find a knowledgeable ally that could help me navigate this novel approach to treating drug dependency.  I found this (and so much more) when I found Dr. van Gaver.

The serendipity of how I came to meet Dr. van Gaver is a story in and of itself; but, ever since the first day I walked into his clinic, I have been thanking my lucky stars for my incredibly good fortune!  At the time, he was already aware of the powerful benefits of using IV amino acids to treat addictions.  He shared in my excitement which only confirmed to me that I had found in him not only a talented physician but the ally and confidant that I had been searching for – someone that I knew I could trust to help me on my path to recovery.

The depth of care and concern Dr. van Gaver has for his patients is something I have never before come across in a health care professional.  His willingness to meet you wherever you are is a rare gift when dealing with the real life challenges of drug addiction.  He is a source of strength when you doubt yourself and he offers unwavering support, encouragement and acceptance when you need it most.

The journey that has lead me to make a full recovery from all the health problems that had plagued me for so long would not have been possible without the unprecedented care I have received from Dr. van Gaver.  The intravenous amino acid treatment that first brought me to his clinic proved to be the saving grace that allowed me to walk away from a decade’s long, daily drug habit.  He has even gone on to help my friends and loved ones dealing with similar issues and they have experienced equally life-changing results.

Thank you Dr. van Gaver for letting me discover what it means to truly live. I have a life now that is free of shame and full of potential.  I am and will always be eternally grateful for what you have done for me.


My friend suggested I go see Dr. Van Gaver. I was impressed at how much time he spent listening to my concerns.


Naturopathic Medicine has offered me a new outlook on life – I feel better, have more energy and look younger.